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Reserving Rooms for the Special Day

Just looking at this Beach Ceremony set-up affirms your choice to have a Destination Wedding. Looking at the chairs all lined up, you think about room reservations and will everyone be accommodated.

The cousin with the small children, your older family members, good friends that may not want to be around children since after all it is a partial vacation for your guests. It can be overwhelming to think about.

I'm here to make all of that easier for you. Here is a simplified break down of the options I will obtain for you.

Comps & Perks

Some resorts offer a Complimentary ceremony*, Free cocktail hour for you and your guests*, reduced rates for the wedding couple to stay at the resort prior to their wedding date, Free inclusions for your private event*, Free room upgrades*, and others depending on the resort.

Contract vs No Contract

For 90% of Destination Weddings a Contract is the best option. It secures the rooms and the rates for the Wedding couple and their guests. However, in some cases, the better option is to chance the room availability and increased room charges to allow freedom to your guests to book with a Bridal Discount Code instead. We'll work out the best option for you.

There is a lot more to it. Book a Free Consultation & we can discuss.

Nichelle R Downing

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