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It's 2021, the vaccine is here, now what?

Everyone is ready to break down their doors and run free! Roam the city. Roam across the USA. Roam across the borders. Sounds like heaven, but where can you go? What do you need to travel? Who can travel?

As of this writing, travel to Europe by US citizens is heavily restricted. European restrictions change daily based on their COVID-19 numbers; positive cases, deaths, and exposures. The new strain of COVID-19 has added another factor to this determination. So clearly understand, traveling to Europe (the airlines will gladly sell you a ticket) is taking a chance. Either you may be denied entry once you arrive, which falls back on you to get back home. Or you could be quarantined for several days? Or the worse case you are directed that you cannot leave Europe once you arrive; your extended stay is your responsibility.

Where can you go and what do you need? Mexico, the Caribbean which includes Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The restriction levels change based on worldwide COVID-19 statistics, but they are accepting vacationers from the United States. The requirements, for the most part, are based on your temperature, which is taken upon arrival at the airport and the vacation property. They are not requiring proof of a positive COVID-19 test. However, taking a nod from Hawaii, it may begin to be the New Addition to your passport. Some airlines are still strictly adhering to empty middle seats but some are not.

All of that said, you can travel. You can go out of your state and out of the country. Your only requirement is precautions and common sense. Choose your destination and check on their requirements at the time of your booking. 15 to 7 days prior to traveling check the site again, as well as the USA Travel advisory website. 48hours before you board, and before you Check-In, check the country's website, the USA Travel Advisory website AND the resorts website requirements. Yes, you can travel it's just going to take more than just showing up.

My Advice:

The "rules" are changing daily. DO NOT travel without Travel Insurance. Most bookings will offer insurance, but booking Travel Insurance directly with the agency ensures you have the most coverage available; medical, cancelled flights, and the like.

The resorts in Mexico are booking at 60% capacity. This means keeping safeguards which are in place are taken seriously. It also means resorts and hotels are filling up quickly. Some are already at capacity for April and May.

Those buffets are no more. Now a waiter brings you a printed menu then your selections (you can still eat yourself to overstuffed) are brought to your table. Same All Inclusive price.

Some group activities are not being allowed, but some resorts are creating new activities to keep you occupied.

Maybe a Villa experience is more for you and your group. You get the same All Inclusive experience but with your selected group of friends and/or family. A 6 room Villa with a cook and housekeeper divided by 12 people is manageable hygienically and financially.

Book with a Travel Advisor instead of your usual on-line preference. I say this because Professional Travel Advisors are informed about your destination and your resort. My job is to ensure everything you need to know I ensure you know. Whatever precautions are being advised, I will pass along to you. I am in direct contact with your resort or villa to know first hand what is required.

If you're thinking about a 2021 vacation but not sure how and who can manage all of my group from various destinations; let's talk. Book a FREE Consultation for us to talk about it. I can't reduce all your fears but I can help to mitigate them for a well informed vacation experience.

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