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Managing A Group of Family & Friends Isn't Easy?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

One thing we all started thinking about midway through the Coronavirus lockdown and limited movement is how much we will appreciate spending time with friends and family. Many of talked about group trips to Mexico, Jamaica and the Caribbean. We made lists of all the European countries we had been meaning to see but never made the time. Zoom and Facebook chats with family reconnected you in a way that you wondered why you never vacationed together before.

Now that the lockdown is lifted and the rules on how we move has been lifted, we are looking into making those talks and ideas into a reality for 2021. Who knew there were so many moving parts? People leaving from different cities, does everyone have a passport, trying to get rooms to accommodate everyone's likes and budget, which resorts allow for children and which don't, will there be enough so people don't get bored, how does the group dinners get reserved...... so many questions to consider.

This is where I come in. Point Breeze Travel knows what it takes to accommodate large and small groups for an All Inclusive Resort to European tours.

Take your list of "Must Haves" and narrow down the destination  & resort and/or tours that fits.

Provide a pretty awesome personal website for you and your group! This is included in our services.

Resort info, pricing, and travel details will be uploaded by us!

We will be the one point of contact for your group as they look to book their room and ground transportation.

Act as a liaison between you and the destination on-site groups team.

Most important, you and your guests will have peace of mind knowing you have an experienced expert to call or email, who is dedicated to making sure they are well taken care of and make this a most memorable trip!

Don't be discouraged by all the moving pieces to plan and execute a Group or Family Vacation. I'm here to do all the work so you can focus on what to pack. Let's Talk Soon, 2021 is filling up fast!

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