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What Else is There to Do?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I'm all about an All Inclusive Resort. I love that everything that is within reach is included for every minute of my vacation. All Inclusive Resorts are not all the same, true luxury can be experienced for one total price. My 2nd love are Villas. A Villa allows everyone to stay in the same building to be with each other, in a private space. After all, one of the biggest lessons we've learned during the pandemic is how important it is to spend time with those you love. You can still have the pampering a vacation gives with a chef and housekeeping. However, after days of lounging by the pool, delightful beach fun, drinking and dancing until the sun comes up, spa services (although they never get old), and various types of cuisine what else is there to do? Venturing from the resort on an excursion.

Excursions are the end all be all of fun! For an additional cost you can take your vacation to the next level. There is ATV and off road tours, boating, sunset cruises, wine and tequila tastings, water skiing, helicopter tours, white water rafting, wild life and eco tours, zip lining, hiking, shopping and the list goes on and on depending on where you are vacationing. Sounds like fun, right?

If you've already booked your vacation, my advice is to book your excursions now! People have not been anywhere to do anything in over a year, so adding more fun to a vacation package are becoming scarce with availability. This means, if you wait until you "get there" to figure it out you may be left out.

You may not know what is available to do outside of the resort, hotel or Villa. I've partnered with a company to give you a full list of options for wherever you're vacationing. Project Expedition Link

You can check out everything available, choose your dates and times, transportation to and from where you're staying. Convenient with no pushy selling. Sit down with your traveling partner and decide before you go what you want to do. If you get there and change your mind, click into the confirmation email or go to your account on the website and cancel. Yes, it's just that easy. .... You're Welcome.

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